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Brokered Loans is a new loan finding service designed to help you find loans available to you, based upon your personal requirements.

We search our panel of lenders to help save you time completing multiple application forms.

Finding a loan with Brokered Loans is simple and straightforward:

  1. Enter your personal details on our short enquiry form.
  2. We show you which loan products and lenders can meet your criteria, including interest rates, weekly and monthly payments.
  3. Click to contact your chosen lender and we will forward your details to them to complete your application.

Why Choose Brokered Loans?

Avoid completing multiple forms

Enter your details once with Brokered Loans and let us do with work searching for an appropriate loan for you.

We save precious time

We will send your enquiry details to your chosen lender – helping you complete your loan application without delay.

We make things flexible for you

Adjust your loan amount and term to match different eligible lenders and loan products.

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